Since the start of the new millenium, the world has faced trying times.  After the events of 9/11, the government of the United States of America launched the Samaritan Project as a response to this critical phase of history.  Facing unconvential foreign and domestic threats, the USA need an unconventional solution.  The details of the Project have largely been kept secret, in the interests of national security. 

But now, the Samaritan Project files have been opened to the public.  They will be posted here as they are decrypted, in order to shed some light on the events surrounding the Project’s rise and fall.   Names and locations have been changed to protect the identities of informants who are still in the field.  These files have been compiled by individuals who are taking great personal risks to reveal this information to the public.  Click Operation Reports in the column on the left for these files.  To find a specific incident report, refer to the File Directory.

In order to preserve the identities of our agents, we are claiming that Gavin Williams created comic book characters when he was ten and has decided to resurrect them in brand new stories. 

Click on any orange text in the story and find Surveillance Photos of the Samaritans.

site and content copyright Gavin Scott Williams, 2007, 2008.


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